Czech football club

From the bottom of the table to one of the top cup placements

We are committed to building and expanding better partnerships with our clients both in Slovakia and abroad, based on mutual understanding and trust.The details of the joint successes are therefore discreet.

The Czech football club had a significant problem with the fluctuation of the team's performance for several consecutive seasons. The team was one season adept for the cup places and the following season it dropped significantly in the table. The team failed to maintain performance stability. The main weakness was the ineffectiveness of the attack and "grouping" in the team.


First, we recognized and analyzed in detail the weaknesses of specific players, who engaged in the attack, as well as the incoherence of the players. After the thorough analysis, we set up the harmonization process, optimized the unity of the team and strengthen the performance and effectiveness of the attack.

How does the client evaluate cooperation?

"In 2017, we decided to try your harmonization program, as our performance has fluctuated greatly in recent seasons and we ended up in the second half of the table.With the harmonization, we hoped for greater performance stability and long-term cup positions in the table. The harmonizers paid attention to us in every match and harmonized directly in the stadiums.Through systematic cooperation, we have achieved that the next season 2017/2018 moved us back to the very wished cup place.”

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